It’s from the passion of our designer Constança Bastos for art and prints that the brand CONSTANÇA BASTOS born. Willing to capture art and translate it into clothing. All of our prints are meticulously hand-painted in our own studio, ensuring its exclusivity.

Produced in small ateliers in Portugal, our limited editions are based on ethical and fair trade principles that respects the people and the environment.

Our mission is to bring art to show your personality and help you to express your style. Colorful and sophisticated, our creations are perfect for any occasion. We want you to feel good about yourself and we want you to feel confident in what you wear. 

Embark on a journey of self-expression and allow us to guide you in showcasing your individuality through fashion.

Join us in this exquisite and unparalleled experience, where art meets fashion, and clothing becomes a canvas for self-expression.